Michael Jackson

An undiscovered art collection of Michael Jackson’s is apparently worth $900 million according to some sources.

Radar online had an article which referred an issue of Star Magazine referencing these available documents:

Michael Jackson left an art collection (182 tracks), including many hand-painted sketches (such as We the People), footprints, pictures by Martin Luther King, Jr., Lincoln, Washington, and a valuable sculpture collection…Experts estimate the value on the international market at nearly 1 billion.

Brett Livingstone has now sold the stuff for nearly 90 million. Livingstone says Michael would have given him the stuff.

This from a letter from Dr. Tohme to him:

“Michael, we would like to thank you for your loyalty over the years and we see this as a gesture of recognition for lasting friendship and artistic partnership” Tohme wrote in a letter in 2008.

Also Howard Man who wanted to give no comment was one of the bidders. Among the bidders also was the Ciruque Chief.

The contract was awarded but not called in one of the 30 million dollars worth of articles, and supplying replacements for the remaining necessary 50 million dollars worth once the items have been dismissed from the estate.  And here is the hook.
The Jackson estate went against the sale and claims that the collection actually belongs to one of Michael’s children. The estate of Maicol Jackson has also stated that the Tohme document is not valid but is in reality a fake, and did not contain Michael’s signature.